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Scientific Agencies Center (SAC) is established in Egypt since 1991 by the professional and very dedicated Chemicals & business specialists. SAC is one of the largest companies in the field of specialty chemicals and solvents basically in Egypt, SAC represents the world's largest manufacturers ,we are the main distributer of :



We also represent:


And others of Manufacturers specialized high quality of basic raw materials to various industries of chemical processing, specializing Solvents, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Care Chemical as well Food, paints, lubricants, petrochemicals, detergents, coatings, oil & gas, agrochemicals, adhesives , Oleo Chemicals& other specialty products, all of which are supported by commitment to the continuous improvement in our operating practices.

SAC provides greater, even more reliable quality, a range of services augmenting the products supplied in a manner that is of great advantage and satisfaction to customers. Due to this excellent foundation and trust worthy practices that our range was enlarged product by product from Raw Material to chemicals.

We use the best quality raw materials that have been procured from reliable partners to ensure that the product resulted matches the international quality standards.

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